jmickle's midis on a super professional page

jmickle66666666's midi year one!
- get the entire first year of midis!

- speed midi

i am simon 22 years old
- i did a piano chords i liked so i made it midi

never find yourself trapped in earshot of a testosterone filled swinephant
- dunno why i made this

one more temple for everyone's pleasure
- for a mayan themed cgi duel map

bull cocks finding themselves naturally tiresome
- made in like 5 minutes for a duel map

el dorado never shined as bright as a well oiled ass
- fantastic title
- pretty good track, too

almost night but just not quite
- another piece of music

i dont want to look in the dark for demons
- piece of music
- probably for oitns

barnacle frank
- more pirate music.
- good solo

- dance music

sit on a bench 'n release that tensh'n
- midi for Freedoom

congratulations on the new baby but did you even want one
- midi for Orange Is The New Startan

spirit wiener
- midi for Orange Is The New Startan

- midi conversion of a track of mine

- i told altazimuth if he made a map before i got home, i'd make him a midi
- he did so
- used in Stomper

dunk monk (final)
- improved version of the midi battle track
- made for the adventures of square

store it in the phryg (final)
- improved version of the midi battle track
- made for the adventures of square

grab your wallet
- ~20 minute midi for abyssal speedmap session 8

store it in the phryg
- track 5 of midi battle with jimmy

speedy pirate
- track 4 of midi battle with jimmy

slow lumpers
- track 3 of midi battle with jimmy

- track 2 of midi battle with jimmy

dunk monk
- track 1 of midi battle with jimmy


- tried to make a pirate tune, made this instead by accident

- original track by darch, i just sequenced it for midi

the pirate's tale
- based around a song i wrote years ago by the same title. pirate style stuff

the pirate's song
- pirate style music

- (probably unfinished) collaboration with jimmy

speed 2
- made in ~15 minutes for abyssal speedmapping session 7

mint rock glow
- wrote for my nova 2 level

- midi version of another track i wrote
- used in marcaek's MAYhem 2048 map

- i think i used this in a map, i can't remember

- midi version of this: here

- made in ~15 minutes for an Abyssal Speedmapping session map

i am jimmy
- made for my map honker.wad
- xaser kept thinking i was jimmy
- someone said they were gonna use it for a DM map
- used in Stomper

dr. poles
- first midi i made, still one of my favourites

shoot car, shit pants
- midi version of the soundtrack to this game: shoot car, shit pants

dark forest (resequenced)
dark forest
- midi version of one of the tracks for a TC i started called Grut
- i made another version of this a long time later