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Maps made with this thing [+]
Doomworld Roulette Session #1 [download]
"Jamaica Base, 3 key map" by Jimmy [download]
"The Legendary Forest Below Hell, Copy Oblige" by marrub [download]
"Hangar above The Sky, 3 key map, 2 textures, 2 flats only" by Kate [download]
"A ProtoSatellite, Run and gun map, No lifts." by Kate [download]
"A Mind-boggling Cube, Imitate Joe-Ilya, No sky" by Jerry LeBlanc (Mithran Denizen) [download]
"A bog, health deprived map, 2 textures and 2 flats" by AD_79 [download]
"Clustered Nightmare, Sewers above incapsulated sky, Tyson, 512x512" by Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri [download]
"The Swamp of Onions, A Dark Swamp" by Breezeep [download]

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